Express Lanes

I-85 Express Lanes Extension

Located entirely within Gwinnett County, these 10 miles of newly constructed lanes  begin north of the existing I-85 Express Lanes at Old Peachtree Road and extend to Hamilton Mill Road.

Northbound exits include:

  • Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road
  • I-985
  • SR 20 Buford Drive
  • Hamilton Mill Road

Southbound exits include:

  • SR 20 Buford Drive
  • Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road
  • Old Peachtree Road
  • Continue onto I-85 Express Lanes

The I-85 Express Lanes Extension are charged separately from the original I-85 Express Lanes.

Charging for the Extension separate from the existing I-85 Express Lanes allows for the toll pricing to reflect the typically lower level of congestion that will be experienced on the Extension than on the portion of the existing lanes closer to I-285.  If both segments were priced together, the pricing would be based on the higher levels of congestion that occur closer to I-285, resulting in the extension pricing being higher than traffic conditions warrant on the new 10 mile section.

This makes it easier for customers who may only want to travel on one or the other. After traveling in the Express Lanes, customers will see two separate charges on their Peach Pass account as 85 A (I-85 Express Lanes) and 85 B (I-85 Express Lanes Extension).

Who can use the lanes?

Where can I access the I-85 Express Lanes Extension?

How much will it cost to use the Lanes?