F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is an evolving list of frequently asked questions that we often hear.  Here you can find out how to manage your Peach Pass, where to get a Peach Pass, or even find details on deactivating transponders.  For additional questions, please contact our Support Team directly.

What is a Peach Pass?

How much does a Peach Pass cost?

What do I need to open a Peach Pass Account?

Where do I sign up for a Peach Pass?

How do I get a Peach Pass?

Can I manage my Peach Pass account online?

If I have not received a permanent license plate for my vehicle, can I get a Peach Pass transponder for use with my temporary license plate?

How do I deactivate a transponder on a vehicle that I have sold/traded to ensure I will not be charged for future tolls?

How long does it normally take for a toll transaction made on the Express Lanes to post to my account?

Will the Peach Pass work on Florida and North Carolina toll roads?

How can I pick up a new BancPass Peach Pass Starter Kit?

How can I manage my Peach Pass account?

How do I install a Peach Pass in my vehicle?

If I buy a new or used car, can I switch my current Peach Pass transponder from my old vehicle to my new one?

Why was my credit card information automatically updated on my Peach Pass account?

How do I close my account?