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Exento de Peaje

Toll Exempt

This is an Account where each vehicle associated with this Account will not pay a toll on toll facilities because each vehicle is
(a) a motorcycle, (b) an alternative fuel vehicle bearing alternative fueled license plates issued under O.C.G.A. §40-2-76, or
(c) passenger vehicles occupied by three or more people. If there is any chance that you will use the Peach Pass on a toll facility
with no HOV requirements (e.g., GA 400), then you must open a Personal or Commercial Toll Account instead of a Toll Exempt Account.
If you open a Toll Exempt account and do not comply with the appropriate HOV requirements for a toll facility, the registered vehicle
owner will receive a violation notice in the mail. To open a Toll Exempt Account, please contact the Peach Pass Customer Service Center
at 1-855-724-7277.